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Nutriburst Kids’ Vitamins Inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls. 

Nutriburst Kids’ Vitamins Inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls. 

This vibrant selection of vitamin gummies is tailored to nurture the health, growth, and overall development of children, redefining the way kids experience essential nutrients while uniting health and fun through a collaboration with Trolls. This licensed collaboration is not only a fun way to introduce vitamins to kids, but this DreamWorks licensing is very exciting for the brand, and it also provides that authenticity that parents are looking for when purchasing health products for their children.

I’m thrilled to partner with DreamWorks and Trolls Band Together to bring the magic of their beloved characters into the world of nutrition with Nutriburst. Creating these licensed products has been an incredibly rewarding journey, and I’m excited to offer families a fun and delicious way to support their health and well-being.” –Simran Kanwar, Founder of Nutriburst

Nutriburst Kids’ Vitamins are not your ordinary gummies; they’re vegan, sugar-free, made from plants and absolutely delicious. The brand has worked some serious wellness magic to ensure children grow up strong and healthy, just like their favourite Trolls – inspired by beloved Trolls characters Poppy, Branch & Tiny Diamond. Crafted with an easy-to-chew formula, these gummies are a treasure chest of benefits, specially designed for kids aged 4 and above. But hey, adults with a sweet tooth, you can sneak a couple too – we won’t tell.

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