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Planet Mojo, a leading web3 gaming ecosystem, and WowWee, an award winning global toy company with such hits as Fingerlings and Robosapien, recently announced a collaboration to create toys and products around Planet Mojo’s IP, characters and lore. The toys will bring the physical and virtual worlds together by connecting the real world toys with Planet Mojo’s in-game Digital Collectibles (NFTs).

At its heart, Planet Mojo is a story about nature vs technology set on a mysterious planet with a deep history. Its evolving narrative is told through games, cinematics and other media extensions with visually stunning clan “Champions” and the “Mojos”, who they are committed to protecting. The Mojos are plant based creatures sprouted to protect the planet after a mysterious object strikes the planet, spreading a technological virus across the land and its creatures.

For more than two decades, Mystic Moose’s team and founder Mike Levine have been on the cutting edge of the physical-digital revolution creating a multitude of award winning products for leading toy companies blending physical and digital play. Mike and WowWee will be building On the success they had on their previous video game – toy collaboration UNTAMED/Battle ARena, which won the prestigious KAPI Award during CES for Best Mixed Reality Toy of 2019.

“We’re once again excited to work with Mike and Mystic Moose. Planet Mojo is an exciting IP rich with possibilities of toys and beyond,” said Andrew Yanofsky, Head of Marketing and Operations at WowWee. “WowWee and Mike’s team are innovators, and I’m excited to see our early concepts come to life!”

This collaboration marks a significant step forward for web3 gaming, blurring the lines between the digital, blockchain and physical worlds. Toys will come with a QR code, allowing owners the ability to mint them into Digital Collectibles, fostering even deeper connections with Planet Mojo’s world and characters.

“We’re incredibly excited to announce our partnership with one of the industry’s leading toy makers, WowWee” said Mike Levine, CEO & Founder of Planet Mojo. “These initiatives reflect our commitment to innovation, community engagement, and expanding the reach of the Planet Mojo universe. We can’t wait for our players and fans to experience everything we have in store!”

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