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My Talking Hank: Islands Sees over 10 Million Downloads

My Talking Hank: Islands Sees over 10 Million Downloads

JOutfit7 announces that their brand-new mobile game adventure, My Talking Hank: Islands, has already surpassed 10 million downloads in just one week since its July 4th launch. The game has also achieved Top 10 charts on Google Play in more than 40 countries and has been featured in 6 categories in the US market, including the prestigious Editors’ Choice on Google. These achievements demonstrate the game’s strong appeal to mobile gamers worldwide.

Social Media Superstars Join the Fun!

Adding to the excitement, the game is inspiring real-life adventures, with social media stars joining the fun! Outfit7 has teamed up with superstars Ben Azelart and Topper Guild to celebrate the launch. Ben Azelart, known for his daring stunts, isn’t just playing the game – he’s living it! Inspired by Hank’s luxurious Tree House haven, Ben has built a massive real-life version. Meanwhile, Topper Guild, the king of positivity and comedy skits, surprised his best friend with a special gift, perfectly embodying the game’s spirit of friendship and fun.

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