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Mondo TV Iberoamérica Signs Major Agreement with MB Producciones

Mondo TV Iberoamérica Signs Major Agreement with MB Producciones

Mondo TV Iberoamérica and MB Producciones, the production company founded by Myriam Ballesteros, are to develop and co-produce two new animated series: Annie & Carola and Masked Cinderella.

Mondo TV Iberoamérica Group, part of Mondo TV Group, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content, has announced this major new co-production agreement with MB Producciones through its subsidiary Mondo TV Producciones Canarias.

This is an important deal involving one of Europe’s best-known animated content producers and one of the animation industry’s most successful and highly regarded creative minds. Myriam Ballesteros, who originated and created both projects, is an admired producer and director with a strong reputation in the audiovisual industry. Her portfolio of successful animated series, acclaimed and sold in territories throughout the world, includes Lucky Fred, Lola and Virginia and Sandra Story Detective.

Under the terms of this strategic cooperation agreement, MB Producciones will transfer to Mondo TV almost all of the IP of the two series. Mondo TV will then negotiate and conclude commercial agreements with third parties in order to obtain financing for the production of both projects. Mondo TV will also be in charge of the international distribution of both shows.

Annie & Carola is at an advanced state of development and negotiations are under way with a number of European TV channels. Masked Cinderella is still at an early stage of development. In fact Masked Cinderella has been selected for the pitching sessions at the next Cartoon Forum 2020, taking place from 14 – 17 September in Toulouse, France.

Both projects, filmed in high definition 2D, will bring together a rich cast of characters, funny and engaging storylines and thrilling adventures with highly original concepts that reflect the aspirations and concerns of today’s children and teens.

Having confirmed its role as co-producer of the two projects, Mondo TV will entrust the entire pre-production phase of the series to Mondo TV Producciones Canarias. Already enjoying a key role in pre-production and complete visual development for many Mondo TV productions and co-productions, Mondo TV Producciones Canarias – launched in 2016 and part of Mondo TV Iberoamerica Group – is expanding the range of its offer and will play a major part in the development of both properties.

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