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Minecraft’s First Touring Experience

Minecraft’s First Touring Experience

For the first time ever, the Minecraft community will have their chance to experience a real-world, immersive, interactive Minecraft adventure. To celebrate Minecraft’s 15th anniversary, Experience MOD and Mojang Studios announced Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue,which is set to debut in Dallas on September 20, 2024, giving longtime Minecrafters, players and non-players alike, and families of all ages their first chance to be heroes in a real-life, in-person Minecraft quest. Dallas is just the first stop; Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue will tour to additional cities around the world to be announced at a later date.

Minecraft is the best selling game of all time with over 300 million copies sold, with players from around the world adventuring and creating together in their Minecraft worlds. Now, with Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue spawning in cities around the world, they can take part in an epic rescue mission and story-based experience where iconic places and creatures from the game are brought to life before their eyes. 

Attendees begin their 1-hour journey by entering the forest, where they will learn the ropes, give tips to other players, or just bask in the blocky nature. Moving into the village, they will receive their quest and embark on a rescue mission with a team of fellow Minecrafters. On this interactive scavenger hunt, adventurers will journey through multiple Minecraft biomes while building structures and interacting with iconic mobs – some more friendly than others. Minecrafters can gush over pandas and dolphins as well as face skeletons, spiders, and – of course – creepers. Once they complete their quest, they can kick back and celebrate their heroic feat at the Minecraft Experience Trading Post with a crafty memento from the adventure.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the first-ever immersive touring Minecraft experience where guests can follow a quest through the Minecraft Overworld in real life. Starting in Dallas later this year, players will have their dreams of a Minecraft adventure brought to life,” says Kayleen Walters, Head of Franchise Development at Mojang Studios. “Finding ways for our community to express their love for Minecraft both in-game and out is always top of mind for us.”

Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue is designed to welcome players and non-players alike and no prior knowledge of Minecraft is required to enjoy the experience. New players, creators and longtime Minecrafters will love the opportunity to connect and reconnect with the game together in an entirely new and unforgettable way. 

“Minecraft Experience is an adventure unlike anything we have ever created. The collaboration between our creative and producing team and the teams at Mojang and Microsoft has created an entirely new form of in-person experience at the crossroads of game design, experiential storytelling, and high-tech multimedia,” says Supply + Demand’s Founder and CEO Olivier Goulet.

The creative and producing team from Supply + Demand is led by Goulet, who is also an executive producer for Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue. With decades of experience in live entertainment, theatre, live and broadcast productions, and multi-sensory multimedia experiences, they have developed and promoted successful exhibitions for international institutions, brands, and artists including Cirque Du Soleil, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Cher, and many more.

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