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Jada Toys Bring Thing to Life

Jada Toys Bring Thing to Life

 Jada Toys, manufacturer of premium collectibles, announce the one-of-a-kind Thing R/C, produced under license from Amazon MGM Studios. Fans can now bring Thing to life, relive their favorite moments from the show, and embark on endless adventures as they steer Thing into mischievous and whimsical trouble.

Following the launch of the hit MGM Television produced series, Wednesday, on Netflix, excitement has been reignited amongst consumers as they await season two. Jada is thrilled to bring fans of the series this new R/C inspired by Wednesday’s trusty sidekick, Thing. Jada’s Thing R/C is easy to use with a remote-control toggle that allows for Thing to crawl forward, backward, left, and right, and includes USB technology for easy recharging. 

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