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Matt Bailey Gets into Coffee

Matt Bailey Gets into Coffee

Matt Bailey, the tattoo artist with a serious fanbase and social media following, is getting into coffee with the imminent launch of Bone Head Coffee. Like his artwork, this coffee is not for the faint hearted.

The first roast, called Rocket Fuel, a single origin from Guatemala with notes of milk chocolate, blueberry and digestive biscuit, will soon be available online direct to fans worldwide, along with a big gulp cup, which is a high-quality enamel tin mug that holds more than a pint of coffee. Each pack of Bone Head Coffee comes with a limited edition, high end framable post card of the artwork on the coffee label. The licensee, The Galactic Empire Ltd, has good experience in selling high quality coffee and accessories direct to the fans as they are they powerhouse behind Original Stormtrooper Coffee.

The license was negotiated by Reemsborko, worldwide agent for Bailey.

Rupert Carroll, from The Galactic Empire commented: “Matt Bailey has a hardcore following and we will be selling directly to them, proving the concept and building the brand and we will eventually take Bone Head Coffee into retail.”

Matt Bailey commented, “Fans of my art will pleased to know this great tasting coffee, that should even wake the dead, will be widely available.”

Max Arguile from Reemsborko commented: “We all need to get up in the morning, so why not do it with something delicious? Bone Head Coffee will have a permanent presence in the Reemsborko coffee machine.”

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