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Making ‘Fetch’ Happen!

Making ‘Fetch’ Happen!

FashionVerse, the innovative mobile fashion game, in collaboration with Paramount Consumer Products will debut the game’s first film integration with the enduringly popular Mean Girls from 2004. From leading game publisher Tilting Point and developer BrandibleFashionVerse’s Mean Girls integration will have players design outfits, props and scenes inspired by the movie – yes, even the notorious Burn Book –  through various challenges to win an exclusive prize. This limited-timed event begins April 12 and ends on April 25 via iOS and Android devices. The collaboration will bring more classic films and TV series to FashionVerse this year, such as Clueless, Grease and Beverly Hills, 90210

In this latest integration, players can recreate scenes inspired by the brilliantly funny and endlessly quotable film. From Regina George’s room to the hallways of North Shore High School and the lunch table where pink is an absolute must on Wednesdays, FashionVerse is making players’ “groolest” fantasies come to life. The Plastics have a strict dress policy but thanks to the newest attire in the game, players shouldn’t have a problem hanging with the teen royalty of Mean Girls. Shirts, skirts, earrings, high heels, jackets, glasses, purses and an endless amount of pink will be at players’ disposal as they can dress their photorealistic avatars whichever way they please – just no hoop earrings. And, of course, the animosity-filled Burn Book will be available as well. To win exclusive 2000s-inspired fashion items in the game such as cropped cardigans, plaid skirts and other pink-infused clothing, players will have to complete 12 challenges. FashionVerse will have scenes and characters inspired by the movie to style such as The Plastics, Cady, Janis, and everyone’s favorite teacher Ms. Norbury along with some of the most iconic scenes including the Spring Fling Dance. Although the event ends April 25, the prizes will stay in the game if unlocked before the end date. 

In FashionVerse, players can take on design challenges to create perfectly curated fashion sets, share their creations, vote on other stylists’ scenes, comment on favorite looks, win rewards and unlock new clothing styles, all while discovering the latest trends from real-world fashion brands. Utilizing Brandible’s proprietary game engine and AI models, FashionVerse brings players’ creative styling to life to provide a stunning virtual experience where everyone is a creator.

Tilting Point’s extensive portfolio has been bolstered by substantial IP integrations across multiple platforms including mobile, console, PC, subscription services and more. Tilting Point continues to expand to new ventures, bringing popular brands to fans in new and engaging ways, while growing each game’s global audience and financial success. 

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