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LMCA Forges Licensing Program to Revive Iconic Cookware Brand Revere Ware

LMCA Forges Licensing Program to Revive Iconic Cookware Brand Revere Ware

LMCA announces the launch of its strategic licensing program for the beloved cookware brand Revere Ware.

For over 80 years, Revere Ware has been at the heart of family kitchens, creating durable and high-quality cookware that transcends generations.

Revere Ware is renewing its commitment to the excellence and craftsmanship that made it a staple in homes across the globe. With a strategic licensing program aimed to broaden Revere Ware’s horizons, the brand is expanding into an array of kitchen essentials including cookware, bakeware, flatware, kitchen gadgets, and small appliances. This expansion is more than just growing the product lines—it’s about reviving and honoring the legacy of Revere Ware, ensuring that every product embodies the original quality and durability that built the Revere Ware name.

The Revere Ware team is eager to bring this trusted brand to today’s discerning home cooks. Revere Ware’s history is not just about the products they’ve created, but the culinary dreams they’ve helped realize. They are dedicated to continuing this tradition by providing affordable, high-performance kitchen products that support cooks on every step of their culinary journey.

As a trailblazer in strategic global brand licensing, LMCA has built a reputation for smart, innovative brand extensions designed to capture new audiences while remaining true to their clients’ brand ethos. With Revere Ware joining its elite client roster, LMCA demonstrates its ability to steer a legacy brand’s revival in a crowded market.

Through strategic marketing and distribution partnerships, prioritization will be on capturing the original craftsmanship and durability that made Revere Ware a household name.

“We are absolutely thrilled to introduce Revere Ware to today’s savvy home cook,” said Ciarán Coyle, President & CEO of LMCA. “From its conception, Revere Ware was a brand that punched above its weight, and this revival is going to see a return to excellence that takes the industry by storm.”

Alan Kravetz, CEO of Full Sail IP Partners which acquired Revere Ware, shares in the enthusiasm. “LMCA understands the complexity of the kitchen market and shares our deep

respect for Revere Ware’s legacy. With their uniquely skilled team, I have no doubt we will find the right partners to bring our vision to life: affordable, high-performance kitchen products that empower home cooks at any stage of their culinary journey.”

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