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Leading names in the confectionery sector choose Maurizio Distefano Licensing properties for Easter 2024

Leading names in the confectionery sector choose Maurizio Distefano Licensing properties for Easter 2024

With Easter 2024 fast approaching, a number of leading Italian companies have partnered with leading agency Maurizio Distefano Licensing for their chocolate eggs and sweet treats.

Thanks to Motta, a renowned maker of confectionery products for over 100 years, the stars of the hit kids’ show Masha and The Bear will be back on the shelves with a 190-gram milk chocolate egg. In fact, young fans will also be treated to 3D characters from their favourite show, which is among the most popular animated series – both in Italy and worldwide. After more than a decade on Rai Yoyo, Masha and The Bear is still in the top three most viewed titles, while numbers watching its YouTube channel are still growing: there were over 200 million views in 2023. It’s no surprise that Motta has brought these popular characters to its wonderful Easter eggs!

For older fans of sweet treats This Easter will yet again see Bauli, a leader in the art of Italian pastry-making, offer the Colomba, a traditional Italian Easter cake, with Baileys cream. Baileys was chosen by Bauli for its unique and unmistakable taste – perfect for the adult target market.          

After last year’s success with Bluey, high-quality chocolate maker Dolfin has once again chosen the loveable blue heeler and her family and friends to inspire a 220-gram milk chocolate egg and the year-round 110-gram Maxi Egg. Fans will also be able to discover some super surprises inside. In January the last ten episodes of the third season of Bluey appeared on Disney+, while in February the first ten shows in the same season began a run on Rai YoYo. BBC Studios Kids & Family has signed a global broadcast agreement for Bluey with Disney for all regions outside Australia, New Zealand and China. This spring a special 28-minute episode of the wildly popular series, called The Sign, will be broadcast worldwide.

Also on the shelves this year will be a 320-gram egg and 220-gram egg, again from Dolfin, inspired by Bing, the highly successful animated series in Italy admired for its skilful combination of fun and educational content. Bing airs on Rai YoYo daily and is streamed on Rai Play and Netflix. Bing has also inspired a hugely successful campaign started by the Italian Paediatric Society (S.I.P) and childcare services group Assonidi to encourage healthy habits in early childhood.

Dolfin also offers Masha and The Bear in its range of chocolate products – including two year-round products: a 110-gram chocolate treat with the two stars of the series and an 80-gram chocolate Masha will be available in supermarkets.

For the second year in a row, Balocco, a major Italian producer of biscuits, wafers and cakes for local and international markets, has chosen the stars of ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks for a selection of 250-gram eggs which, of course, include fantastic surprises. ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks is loved by fans for its high-quality animation, its funny stories, and its rockstar spirit. The series is number one on Discovery and airs every day on K2 and Nickelodeon.

Finally, another leading name in the confectionery sector, Dolci Preziosi, has chosen the animated series Gigantosaurus for its 150-gram milk chocolate eggs. The very popular show follows the adventures of four intrepid dinosaurs who set out to track down Gigantosaurus, the biggest animal ever to exist. During this journey, they face their fears and overcome problems, in the process learning values such as friendship and mutual help and support.

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