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Kensin Collaborated with Largest-Ever Berserk Exhib in Japan

Kensin Collaborated with Largest-Ever Berserk Exhib in Japan

Kensin CO., LTD., Japan’s leading craft maker of limited-edition, high-end figurines based on manga characters and Japanese historical figures, is pleased to announce a great success for its collaboration with “The Great Berserk Exhibition, Kentaro Miura: 32 Years of Artistry”. The exhibition opened on 10 September at Sunshine City, Ikebukuro in Tokyo and ran until 23 September.

The major retrospective showcased the dark fantasy world depicted in the bestselling Berserk manga comics authored and illustrated by the late Mr. Kentaro Miura, who sadly passed away in May of this year. The exhibition is the largest of its kind featuring the manga which has sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

Kensin’s collaboration with the exhibition covers Berserk figures and models produced under Kensin’s Art Of War brand over the past twenty years. These were on public display for the first time ever.

Kensin also offered a number of Berserk products for sale at the exhibition.

Yutaro Sakakibara, founder and president of Kensin, commented, “It was a great personal honour to be involved with this exhibition, celebrating the life of Mr. Kentaro Miura through his masterpiece manga work, Berserk. I personally knew Miura-Sensei and I feel this exhibition was a fitting memorial to his life’s work.”

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