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International Women’s Day: Girls take the lead in social media fandom and creativity

International Women’s Day: Girls take the lead in social media fandom and creativity

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, creative agency Kids Industries (KI) has released new insight and data on the world of fandom, revealing that girls (aged 10-14) are not only taking the lead in social media usage, but they’re also reshaping the landscape of digital expression.  

The findings, taken from KI’s latest global research, taking a deep dive into the mechanics and sentiment around Fandom, indicates that 45% of girls are now avidly participating in social media, vs. 37% of boys. This is especially true across TikTok – where girls dominate (58% vs. 42% of boys). Girls are also leading the charge in the creativity space, producing more fan art, fan videos and fan fiction than boys – and they’re more likely to be collaborating with others too – for creative endeavours. 

Jelena Stosic, Strategy Director at KI said: “As we commemorate International Women’s Day, these insights underscore the importance of recognising and celebrating the diverse interests and creative expressions of young enthusiasts. 

“In a time where social media engagement presents numerous challenges to mental health, some of these more community or creativity driven initiatives are really welcome and quite important too. Girls are emerging as real trailblazers, spearheading the charge with unparalleled creativity, a love for puzzles, and a passion for creating fan art. They really are shaping the future of online engagement and creative expression – showing once again that they are the true pioneers of fan creativity!” 

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