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Incredible Monsta Trucks series underway

Incredible Monsta Trucks series underway

Leading India and Singapore-based animation studio Cosmos-Maya has partnered with Irish animation studios Dear Will and Piranha Bar to co-produce a new 3D animated series The Incredible Monsta Trucks. Piranha Bar is developing the 52 x 11’ series using the Unreal Engine technology by Epic Games which is used in best-selling games such as Fortnite and Borderlands.

The Incredible Monsta Trucks is an adventure show which will engage young audiences around the world with its energetic storylines revolving around a motley and loveable cast of anthropomorphic trucks. This toy-based content lends itself perfectly to potential licensing and merchandising opportunities as the brand grows.

The series is the latest international co-production for Cosmos-Maya, which is rapidly establishing itself as a key player in the global animation industry. Other recent international projects include Putra for the local Indonesian market; a partnership with WildBrain Spark for the third season of Cosmos-Maya’s original show Eena Meena Deeka; and the ongoing production of Dogtanian and The Three Muskehounds.

Anish Mehta, CEO of Cosmos-Maya said: “The Incredible Monsta Trucks, conceptualised in conjunction with Piranha Bar’s design abilities, will help us reach kids with a fun, responsible core message while allowing us to cement our place in the buoyant licensing and merchandising sector. It is the next initiative in our current growth trajectory.”

Joris Eckelkamp, Business Development Consultant for Cosmos-Maya said: “Piranha Bar’s technology focused approach to cutting-edge kids animation makes them an ideal partner for an entity such as Cosmos-Maya. We have undertaken a slew of projects this year and getting this partnership the requisite financing is the next step in Cosmos-Maya’s development strategy.”

Nicky Gogan at Piranha Bar stated: “We are delighted to once again partner with Cosmos-Maya. Their reliability and quality of animation talent in the studio makes this a really exciting prospect for us. Considering the market we’re targeting and our mutual conviction to latest tech-driven animation, I’m confident this is perfect timing for The Incredible Monsta Trucks.”

Alan Foley, Founder of Dear Will and Creator of The Incredible Monsta Trucks added: “Over the years I have been driven by the thrill of creating original content and when I presented the concept to Cosmos-Maya and Piranha Bar it was clear that both could clearly see the show as part of their portfolio, bringing an energy, zeal and experience to take The Incredible Monsta Trucks to market and on the road to reaching an international audience.”

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