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Marina Hoermanseder Collaborates With Care Bears

Marina Hoermanseder Collaborates With Care Bears

Marina Hoermanseder recently showed her AW 24/25 Collection at Berlin Fashion Week, featuring an unprecedented collaboration with the iconic Care Bears. This collection stands as a colorful testament to the designer’s time reflecting on and drawing from the past few years’ challenges, rekindling the joy and emotion of childhood against the backdrop of societal change.

“The love and kindness of Care Bears deeply inspired my collection. Drawing inspiration from these qualities, I designed a unique jacket adorned with bears. This piece is more than just fashion; it’s a tangible expression of warmth and comfort. The intention behind the design is to convey the feeling of a bear’s embrace, as if the jacket itself is hugging you. In this way, each garment becomes a symbol of the Care Bears’ messages, creating a wearable embodiment of love and kindness,” says designer, Marina Hoermanseder.

This profound statement from Hoermanseder encapsulates the essence of the collaboration. Each piece in the collection, much like the Care Bears themselves, represents a different emotion, bringing the spectrum of feelings to life through fashion. The collection echoes a ‘more is more’ ethos, inviting a bold self-expression that Hoermanseder envisions for anyone who adorns her creations.

Merging the world of Care Bears with her signature style, Hoermanseder creates a unique narrative where fashion meets emotion. The pieces are not only visually stunning but emotionally resonant, celebrating the individuality and emotional diversity that the Care Bears have championed for generations.

Charlotte Payne, International Licensing Director at Cloudco Entertainment, added, “We are thrilled to see the Care Bears brought to life in such a fashion-forward way. Marina Hoermanseder has captured the essence of our brand beautifully, intertwining the Care Bears’ message of caring and sharing with her unique design flair. It’s a partnership that celebrates the joys of our past and the bright possibilities of our future.”

Set against the vibrant and free-spirited backdrop of Berlin, a city renowned for its creative liberation and individualism, Hoermanseder’s collection also makes a statement about the spirit of innovation that characterizes Berlin Fashion Week. It’s a collection that goes beyond aesthetics, embracing the playful and caring spirit of the Care Bears and the diverse emotional landscape they represent.

With this latest collection, Marina Hoermanseder invites us into a world where fashion is feeling, nostalgia is now, and love and kindness are in vogue. It’s a reminder of the comforting emotions that fashion can evoke, and an invitation to wear one’s heart on their sleeve, quite literally.

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