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HwaHwa Studio, Creators of Meoshi World, and Run With Us Productions Inks Distribution Deal in Asia with Daekyo Kids TV

HwaHwa Studio, Creators of Meoshi World, and Run With Us Productions Inks Distribution Deal in Asia with Daekyo Kids TV

HwaHwa Studio, creators of the popular Meoshi World, and Run with Us Productions have announced they have entered into a distribution agreement for Asia with Daekyo Kids TV, a leading edutainment channel for children. Under the terms of the agreement, beginning in late summer Daekyo Kids TV will begin distributing 20 short form episodes of The Legends of the Meoshi Monsters. 

Meoshi World is an extraordinary popular and trendy entertainment property that draws on the little-known but true Asian mythology of ghosts and monsters. The Legends of the Meoshi Monsters is based on the best-selling illustrated books by Kyoungrim (Lima) Kim and her partner Jan Jose Borkowski.

“We are thrilled to partner with Daekyo Kids TV to  bring our stories of Meoshi Monsters to Asia,” says Kim who together with Borkowski, are co-founders of HwaHwa Studios and co-authors of two other Meoshi World illustrated books. Meoshi World Books introduces hundreds of mythical characters that dwell in Meoshi World and includes character explanations and background based on actual Korean historical records. Also featured are full color illustrated images together with graphics and charts for each character’s attributes, power level and more. 

“This is further validation of the interest in Korean created content and the true Asian mythology of ghosts and monsters. We are confident the episodes will be well received and represent a significant steppingstone to introducing Meoshi World in Asia and ultimately around the world,” Kim adds.

According to Daekyo, “Recently, authentic Korean content (shows, movies, and music) is becoming globally popular. Considering current animation trends in Korea, the monster genre and folk tales are increasingly popular. Daekyo Kids TV believes Meoshi World (a fantasy adventure animation series based on Korean mythology and folk tales) will prove to be a one-of-a-kind unique IP. We are excited to collaborate with global partners to develop Meoshi World Animated Shorts as an authentic Korean and globally popular show.”

Kevin Gillis founder of Run With Us Productions notes “following on the global fascination with emerging Korean content, we are excited to be partnering with Daekyo Kids TV in introducing these authentic stories of Asian legends to the global marketplace. This is a significant step to be soon followed with the launch of HwaHwa’s longer form animated content.” 

Animation production will be split between HwaHwa Studios in Busan, Korea and Big Jump Entertainment in Ottawa, Canada. 

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