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Pretty Green announces Subbuteo 2022 Collaboration

Pretty Green announces Subbuteo 2022 Collaboration

Pretty Green has teamed up with Subbuteo, one of the icons of British football from Hasbro, a global branded entertainment leader, on a collaboration that not only includes a limited edition Pretty Green x Subbuteo game and figurine but also an entire range of co-branded clothing comprised of      a track-top, bucket hat, key ring and four different t-shirts. The collection will launch in the UK and be available online for US residents.

A true British icon, the original tabletop ‘Flick to Kick’ game Subbuteo first appeared in Boy’s Own Magazine way back in 1946 before going on sale the following year. The original version featured cardboard players weighted down by buttons and lead washers with only two strips (red or blue) and without the green-felt pitch it would later become synonymous with. Instead the game came with a solitary piece of chalk and instructions on how to mark a pitch out on an old blanket. Decades following its      humble origins,      Subbuteo has gone on      to capture the imagination of      generations of football lovers,     even immortalized in songs by the Undertones and Half Man Half Biscuit.  The brand celebrated its momentous 75th anniversary this year with a commemorative set, new launches and a major marketing campaign.

The      popularity of Subbuteo has also extended into the beautiful game itself with football managers like Bill Shankly, Tommy Docherty and Alex Ferguson using Subbuteo as a way to explain tactics to their teams. Which is perhaps no surprise that there have been over 700 different strips made and that during the 1980s Subbuteo was selling over seven million sets a year.

Made in limited numbers and destined to become an instant collectors’ item, the Pretty Green x Subbuteo collection provides the perfect opportunity for a well dressed kickabout in your own front room. Arriving ahead of the World Cup in early November, the collection and highly anticipated retro game provides the perfect excuse for a pre-match warm up with your mates just before kick off.

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