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Hello Kitty and Friends on Apple Arcade

Hello Kitty and Friends on Apple Arcade

With her iconic bow and supercute charm, Hello Kitty has captivated hearts and minds across generations and cultures. Starting today, players can join Hello Kitty and Friends on a grand adventure to restore an abandoned theme park to its former glory. Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a life simulation game where players will build friendships with their favorite Sanrio characters, like Kuromi, Badtz-Maru, and Cinnamoroll, as they explore a massive island with a magical underwater world filled with puzzles, challenges, and mysterious treasures. The game has more than 40 hours of gameplay, with more to be added over time. Hello Kitty Island Adventure is available only on Apple Arcade. 

Players can invite a friend into the game to play together, or play solo, as they traversethrough a gorgeous world teeming with adorable creatures, delicious food, and many mysteries to unravel. They will discover unique stories, participate in fun mini games, solve challenging puzzles, and uncover rare treasures to create the ultimate island paradise.

“We set out to create a game that Hello Kitty and Friends fans would love — an open world adventure combined with the cozy, customizable life simulation gameplay that delivers a deep and captivating experience, all wrapped in the incomparable charm of Sanrio’s beloved cast,” said Julian Farrior, founder of game developer Sunblink. “It’s an ongoing living world that will continue to honor and celebrate what fans love most about Hello Kitty.”

As players discover more of the island, they will have the opportunity to exchange gifts, chat, unlock character-specific quests and storylines with their beloved friends, and earn the ability to take a character around the world with them. Each character will also provide unique bonuses to help in the player’s exploration: Splash around with Keroppi, soar high with Cinnamoroll, or get extra cooking help from Hello Kitty. While rebuilding to bring the island back to life, players can attract even more Sanrio characters by repairing, customizing, and decorating visitor cabins all across the island.

“Combining our core values of friendship, kindness, and inclusivity, and Apple Arcade’s inclusive and family-friendly offering, we aim to unite a community around the world through friendship, play, and positive connections with the launch of Hello Kitty Island Adventure,” said Craig Takiguchi, chief operating officer of Sanrio, Inc.

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