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Hasbro Announces Krost x Monopoly

Hasbro Announces Krost x Monopoly

Hasbro announces the debut of the new KROST x MONOPOLY collection in celebration of the leading toy and game company’s centennial anniversary. Using designs that from a place of nostalgia and the community that is brought together through gameplay to create fun, everlasting memories, the seven-piece KROST x MONOPOLY collection features a colorful assortment of unisex styles ranging from tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants, with an ode to the iconic symbols from the MONOPOLY game and emphasis on collaborative imagery and comfortable fabrics.

“We’re proud to work with our friends at KROST to celebrate Hasbro’s 100th anniversary with this special collection inspired by MONOPOLY, the world’s favorite family brand with its own history spanning nearly 90 years,” said Claire Gilchrist, Vice President of Licensed Consumer Products, Americas & Pacific at Hasbro. “As a Purpose-driven company, we seek to collaborate with like-minded companies that drive forward a sense of community and connection, so this collaboration is quite special to us.”

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