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Asembl Pairs Chupa Chups with snackful delight

Asembl Pairs Chupa Chups with snackful delight

Brand extension agency Asembl has paired Perfetti Van Melle’s Chupa Chups with Kinrise Snackfood’s Poppin® popcorn for an exciting brand collaboration. 

Poppin’s® Lolly Poppin® ready to eat popcorn is now crunching with delicious forever fun Chupa Chups flavoured glazes – Lolly Poppin® Chupa Chups Strawberry & Cream and Lolly Poppin® Chupa Chups Cola. 

Available now from Woolworths and independents for RRP: $4, this iconic mashup comes together with a POP of Poppin’s® Lolly Poppin® corn, a MIX of Chupa Chups flavoured glaze to create a forever fun sensational taste experience that is just WOW.  POP MIX WOW! ™

Combining two favourite brands in one delicious snack, Poppin’s® Lolly Poppin® Chupa Chups range is a magical glazed candy crunch sensory experience of fresh Aussie Poppin® popcorn glazed in Chupa Chups’ best-selling flavours – Strawberry and Cream and Cola. 

Poppin’s® Lolly Poppin® is made with no artificial colours or flavours, has less than 120 calories per serve and contains 23% wholegrain made with Aussie Corn making it a snack the whole family can feel good about snacking on.

“We are so very excited for Australians to enjoy the crunchy popping experience that Kinrise Snackfood has created especially for the market with our iconic Chupa Chups flavours, Strawberry & Cream, and Cola.  Truly the perfect snack for young and old, consumers are going to be in love at first sight and bite – firstly by the colourful and eye-popping design of the packaging and secondly – by the delicious taste of the product!,” said Perfetti Van Melle Licensing Manager, Marta Ballesteros. 

“We are thrilled to be launching our new Lolly Poppin® popcorn range with Chupa Chups.  Ready to eat popcorn made with 100% Aussie corn and now glazed in Chupa Chups’ best-selling flavours, Strawberry & Cream and Cola that everyone loves.  This exciting brand collaboration will generate lots of excitement in the category as consumers get to have their favourite brands in one delicious snack,” said Kinrise Snackfood’s Head of Marketing & Innovation, Kathryn Hogarty. 

“The pairing of Perfetti Van Melle’s best-selling flavours Strawberry & Cream and Cola with Kinrise Snackfood’s Poppin® popcorn is the forever fun taste sensation we have all been waiting for!  Poppin’s® Lolly Poppin® Chupa Chups range combines two favourite brands for an exciting snacking brand collaboration which is sure to pop off shelves across Woolworths and independent grocers,” said Asembl Managing Director, Justin Watson. 

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