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Harena Data launching its Go PiXLS esports entertainment network with Future Today

Harena Data launching its Go PiXLS esports entertainment network with Future Today

Esports community aggregator Harena Data is launching Go PiXLS, a new esports entertainment and gaming network, in partnership with multi-channel streaming leader Future Today. The network will air original and licensed gaming, esports, and entertainment content nationally. 

Harena Data is a leading esports community aggregator, affiliated with traditional sports organizations to build esports communities. Go PiXL, its first entertainment video network,  will be offered as linear content and an advertising video on demand platform (AVOD) model through Future Today’s platform. With its linear model, Harena Data will license and distribute esports content to thousands of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs across the United States. Go PiXLS will also be available free to consumers on various over-the-top (OTT) platforms with advertising and commercials in between programming. The OTT platforms include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Comcast Xfinity.

The network aims to provide the most entertaining esports content available while also serving as a highlight platform for the country’s best amateur athletes to showcase their skills and gain national recognition. Go PiXLS’ content includes esports action from 2.25 million gamers in Harena Data’s community as well as the 30,000 best esports athletes that are active on the company’s esports analytics platform GYO Score.

In addition to developing and distributing content, Go PIXLS is signing major sponsors and partners to air their brands at venues nationwide. The platform’s infrastructure will be powered by MetaMedia’s proprietary cloud-based platform and deliver content to venues. The content on Go PiXLS will be produced by Super League Gaming, a leading gaming community and content platform.

The channel is created and spearheaded by Bill Dever, Harena Data’s Chief Strategy Officer, one of the pioneers of entertainment streaming. Dever is a respected innovator in the world of streaming, having been a key part of it since 1993.

“Teaming with Herena Data enables us to make Go PIXLS a go-to destination for today’s most popular players in the eSports entertainment industry and will quickly cement itself as a dominant force in both of our AVOD and linear business models,” said Vikrant Mathur, Founder and CEO, Future Today. “Our ad-supported platform is the perfect addition to increase viewing choices for eSports audiences everywhere.” 

“Future Today and Harena Data will make Go PiXLS the one-stop-shop for all entertainment in the esports and gaming industry,” said Dever. “Our content will be exciting, showcase the skills of millions of gamers, and tap audiences everywhere. This network is designed to be the ultimate entertainment channel for gamers.”

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