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Gormiti trailer unveiled at San Remo

Gormiti trailer unveiled at San Remo

The stage of CASA SANREMO, official format promoting the Italian Popular Song Festival, was the ideal backdrop for Rainbow, the leading international entertainment group led by Iginio Straffi, premiering the first teaser trailer of Gormiti – The New Era last February 10th.

The upcoming live action reboot builds on one of the most iconic franchises of the last 20 years and will hit screens as a CGI live action series thanks to the collaboration with toy house and brand licensor Giochi Preziosi.

Sanremo is the most important showcase of Made in Italy art in the world and served as the perfect setting for the launch of the new production, born from the prestigious collaboration between Rainbow and Giochi Preziosi and aimed at an international audience.

Gormiti – The New Era was shot entirely in Italy in extraordinary locations, including the famous Frasassi Caves, an underground complex in the Marche Apennines among the most visited in Europe and institutional partner of Casa Sanremo.

The new TV series is still in production and coming in the fall 2024, boasting a high budget and extraordinary CGI effects.

20 episodes for kids/preteen audiences, with a carefully selected main cast of international talents, consisting of the very young actors Millie Fortunato Asquini (Skye – Scion); Federico Cempella (Zane – Scion); Robel Tesfamichael (Glen – Scion); Francesco Bertozzi (Carter – Scion); Claire Palazzo (Myridell), and direction by the talented Mario Parruccini, Italian director and screenwriter in the entertainment business since 1995.

GORMITI – THE NEW ERA is a series full of great values that chronicles the daily lives and adventures of four boys from Earth chosen to become the new generation of ‘Scions,’ heroes called to save Gorm, legendary planet threatened by evil dark forces.

Teaser trailer:

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