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Dependable Solutions Expands Client Services Team with New Hires

Dependable Solutions Expands Client Services Team with New Hires

From Boy Scouts of America to NASCAR, the new team members joining the global leader in the brand licensing software space know how to drive smiles with clients while helping them run their licensing programs smoothly.

Colin Buckley hails from Georgia, sweet Georgia, and he understands the importance of needing good licensing systems in place that help drive efficiency and profitability.

While the Elf on the Shelf helps Santa Claus to manage his ‘list’, Colin saw an opportunity for the LumiStella Company to manage their licensing deals list in a broader way. Under his leadership, robust co-branded promotional partnerships were established for Elf on the Shelf with amazing brands like Kellogg’s, IHOP, and many others. By taking the Elf to retail shelves, Colin helped expand the brand into new channels that provided additional revenue.

Colin has worked in the licensing arena throughout his career from the Collegiate Licensing Company to Boy Scouts of America to The LumiStella Company.

The past decade in the licensing industry has been amazing and I look forward to continuing my work at Dependable Solutions, Inc. I am eager to work with our clients to help them achieve what they want out of their licensing program,” states Colin.

Cubs-fan Dionne Farino, based in Chicago, also joins Colin in lending her live entertainment experience to a wide vertical of DS customers. As a former event planner, Dionne knows how to put on a show including working with large retailers to create and execute retail programs for product launches.

She has extensive experience within the live event and entertainment world of licensing, working with global brands like NASCAR and Netflix as well as social media influencers. She keeps herself centered through music, yoga, and painting.

I have always been in positions that put people and clients first. My first job as a server launched this career passion! Making sure the client is happy and taken care of is something that is just in my nature. This may be the most important quality and skill I can bring to my new position at Dependable Solutions, Inc.,” said Dionne.

Dependable Solutions, Inc. is excited to welcome these two extraordinary people to their client services team to help brands, licensees and agents achieve new heights.

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