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CoComelon Lane Back for Season 2

CoComelon Lane Back for Season 2

Netflix Kids’ #1 show, CoComelon Lane, returns for Season 2. In this new season, families will join beloved preschooler JJ and his best friends – with JJ speaking directly to the audience – as they celebrate life’s special milestones of growing up. 

Created in collaboration with educational and research consultant Dr. Alisha Crawley-Davis, CoComelon Lane exposes children to various emotions, and with caregiver support, they learn to identify and acknowledge these “big” emotions, equipping both children and parents with the tools to address such situations head on. 

New episodes will touch on topics such as learning to say, “I’m sorry,” how to handle feeling left out, what to do when you are frustrated, and much more. The season includes five new episodes, each 21 minutes in length.

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