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Celebrate Spider-Man: No Way Home with Rubies

Celebrate Spider-Man: No Way Home with Rubies

Rubies officially licensed Spider-Man: No Way Home costumes have proved as popular as the runaway success of the film. The costumes have flown out of their warehouses, being snapped up by Spidey fans across the country following an incredibly successful launch. Rubies are now gearing up for the next wave of demand as the popularity is set to sore higher than the webslinger himself with the film now available to download and keep on digital.

Rubies currently produce not only a wide back catalogue of Marvel and Spider-Man costumes including many of Sony Picture’s previous incarnations of the character, but also have all the costumes for the latest blockbuster hit a superhero could need. With multiple Spider-Man suits available in both children’s and adults’ sizes as well as deluxe and classic editions, everyone will love getting dressed up as Spider-Man following the streaming release which has brought the film to a whole host of new audiences. These costumes include Red and Black Spider-Man in child’s, child’s deluxe and adult, Black and Gold Suit in child’s and Iron Spider Deluxe for Children.

And if this wasn’t enough, Rubies will be introducing a Sustainable Spider-Man costume for kids, with the costume being made of 100% recycled materials as well as being entirely recyclable. With the 60th anniversary this year of the iconic superhero, stay tuned for amazing celebrations planned by Rubies across all aspects of the business.

Fran Hales, Head of Digital and Content, “As a huge Spider-Man fan myself I am delighted but not surprised with Spider-Man: No Way Home’s reach growing to unprecedented levels. We are delighted to have been able to bring the character of the friendly neighborhood superhero to life for all fans. With the film now available to download and keep on digital, it is set for a second wave and with bigger audience reach than ever seen before, which is all the more impressive considering its box office success. We fully expect our latest Spider-Man costumes to be one of the ‘must haves’ for Halloween 2022.”

Rubies Spider-Man: No Way Home costumes are available to pre-order now from, and the film is currently available to watch in cinemas nationally, as well as being available to download and keep on digital.

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