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Carousel Set Premiere for GOGOBUS in Russia

Carousel Set Premiere for GOGOBUS in Russia

Carousel set premiere for Winsing’s GOGO BUS series in Russia on 27th August, and it will be followed by the VOD/OTT and other platforms in CIS territories late of this year. “Thanks so much for our partner Alexey from CLS Russia”, Sophie (Head of Int’l marketing, Winsing) said, “The cooperation with Carousel marks a significant milestone in our Russia strategy for GOGO BUS, this is just the start of our exciting partnership with CIS territories. We do believe that this transformable school bus will also appeal to the local L&M partners as well as toys distributors, and we are also hoping that our toys will be more accessible for local fans.”

GOGO BUS was nominated the Young Property of the year in 2020 by LIMA, its merchandise and toys have been the leading best seller in China since its first launch in 2019. And the program is also well welcomed in Asia market. It’s been distributed to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, the broadcast platforms includes the regional major TV channels and platforms like Malaysia’s Astro, Indonesia’s RTV, South Korea’s Tooniverse, Animax, Daedaegyo Children’s TV, Boomerang etc. It will continue to expand globally.

GOGO BUS is specifically designed to appeal to worldwide audiences, featuring boys’ favourite cars, integrating Social Emotinal learning (SEL) with safety cognition in daily life. The AI School BUS Gordon is always ready to save the day. He can transform into 5 different shapes of vehicles to help kids out of trouble – he is a good friend and the elder brother of the kids.

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