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Brigitte Bardot x Francine Bramli Paris collection

Brigitte Bardot x Francine Bramli Paris collection

Francine Bramli Paris, fantasy jewellery and accessories brand teams up with Brigitte Bardot once more by launching a second earrings collection for the summery season with pop inspirations from the 70’s, each more unique than the others.

For more than 15 years, the jewels brand standsout thanks to its 100% made in Franceproduction and the incredible quality of theirproducts chic and funky.

Made up of 16 new designs put together aroundnoble materials such as resin or celluloseacetate, this range is also intended to be rich invibrant colors loved by BB. (pink, orange, lilac,coral…) and in shapes (rectangular, circular,domed…)

This new colorful and summery collection willdelight each of you. 

Imagined in the Francine Bramli Paris’showroom in the Marais and conceived by thedesigner and experienced Parisians stylists,every piece is unique and will be perfect to givea touch of color to any of your beach or officelook.

The whole Brigitte Bardot x Francine Bramli Paris collection is available in clip-ons or pierced, allowing everyone to enjoy it. 

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