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Blue Label launches from Original Penguin

Blue Label launches from Original Penguin

Original Penguin is capturing the essence of a good time with the launch of its newest fragrance, Blue Label by Original Penguin ($85). With the latest release, Blue Label promises a sensory adventure embodying the freshness and dynamism of the ocean.

Housed in a cool blue glass bottle sporting Pete the Penguin, the fragrance balances simultaneously bright citrus and refreshing scent that takes you on a sophisticated sensory adventure.

Blue Label takes you on a journey that follows: 

  • Top notes of sparkling citrus and bergamot combined with an aquatic accord.
  • Transitions into a fruity and woody composition to invoke a sense of familiarity through
  • cypress, clary sage, and mango. 
  • At the base, lingering notes of musk, patchouli, and driftwood finish strong to compliment the unique yet harmonious elements and round out the adventure.

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