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Bésame Cosmetics Launches Marilyn Monroe Collection

Bésame Cosmetics Launches Marilyn Monroe Collection

Bésame Cosmetics, an LA-based brand, known for glamorous and vintage-inspired makeup products, today announces the launch of another collection celebrating Iconic Women. The 15-piece collection, which includes recreations of Marilyn’s own makeup based on items from her personal effects, will be available on April 23 at

“We’ve designed this makeup collection to feature Marilyn’s favorite colors and historically accurate products,” says Gabriela Hernandez, founder of Bésame Cosmetics. Hernandez is a makeup historian and sits on the board of the Makeup Museum in NYC. She went on to say, “These colors are authentic, and we are incredibly proud to be releasing them as they are a reflection of Marilyn and her personal style. Wearing her makeup is a way to celebrate who she was, and her influence over the world of personal beauty.”

“Marilyn’s legacy within the beauty industry has transcended icon status,” said Dana Carpenter, EVP, Entertainment, Authentic Brands Group, owner of the Marilyn Monroe Estate. “She popularized many famous makeup looks that are still relevant today. Bésame’s timelessly elegant products make it a natural fit for the Marilyn brand.”

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