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Barbie Outpaces Oppenheimer in Merchandise Demand

Barbie Outpaces Oppenheimer in Merchandise Demand

A recent study has identified the films with the highest demand for merchandise, with Barbie beating Oppenheimer at an average of 152,053 searches a month. 

The research, carried out by clothing brand Chummy Tees, analyzed online search volumes for the top 100 highest-grossing movies. By calculating average monthly figures in the US since January 2023, the study unveiled the merchandise audiences want to purchase the most. 

The data indicated a significant interest in Barbie’s merchandise among the American public, with an average of 152,053 monthly searchesBarbie not only leads as the favorite in 48 states but surpasses the demand for franchises like Star Wars over seven times. After becoming the most successful release in Warner Brothers history, thousands of fans dressing in pink from head to toe brought out the “Barbiecore” fashion trend, which also accounted for an enormous boost in Barbie merchandise. From plastic dolls to pool floats, Barbie‘s merchandise spans a variety of items, with a ‘Barbie shirt’ accumulating up to 63,225 monthly searches alone. 

Commenting on the results, a spokesperson for Chummy Tees said, “Last year marked an extraordinary resurgence in Barbie merchandise, establishing the film as the standout cultural moment of 2023 after an impressive $1.4 billion box office payout. The film’s aesthetic influence undoubtedly inspired audiences worldwide to adopt Barbie‘s iconic style, with “Barbiecore” creating a wave of excitement and reigniting a love for the blockbuster movement.”

“Despite securing just one victory out of its eight Oscar nominations, in stark contrast to Oppenheimer’s success with seven wins out of thirteen, it’s clear that Barbie has won something more significant — a devoted fanbase.”

Top Movies Leading the US Demand for Merchandise

Top Movies Leading the US Demand for Merchandise

RankMoviesMonthly Search Volume
3Harry Potter52,442
5Star Wars21,179
9Jurassic Park11,756

The film with the second-highest merchandise searches is Spider-Man, claiming a monthly search volume of 93,726 and standing out as California’s favorite with an average of 21,339 searches. With endless merchandise items from costumes to lunchboxes, the most popular item is a ‘Spider-Man hoodie’, accumulating up to 27,583 monthly searches. Whether you prefer Maguire, Garfield or Holland, there are ten films led explicitly by the Spider-man character, with the most recent, Across the Spider-Verse, hitting $690.8 million at the box office. 

Next on the list is Harry Potter, which also dominates the literature world as the best-selling book series of all time. With 52,442 monthly searches in the US, ranking as Wyoming’s most-searched film, the film solidifies its widespread appeal. With novelty items such as ‘Harry Potter wand’ hitting an average of 29,846 monthly searches, Potterheads can also purchase anything from robes to Hogwarts acceptance letters. 

Batman follows in fourth position, with 22,404 monthly searches, and then Star Wars, taking the fifth spot with 21,179 monthly searches

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