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Barbie marks International Day of the Girl at the London Eye

Barbie marks International Day of the Girl at the London Eye

Today, the number one doll property globally, subject of the record-breaking Barbie the movie and leading girl empowerment brand announces its biggest ever partnerships with charities directly impacting girls that will inspire and celebrate Role Models in efforts to inspire the next generation.

With new research from Barbie and Inspiring Girls announced to mark five years of Barbie’s Dream Gap Project, a global mission dedicated to closing the gap by challenging gender stereotypes and helping undo the biases that hold girls back from reaching their full potential.

The new research* has found that British girls believe men are more likely than women to be Doctors, Scientists, Police Officers, Pilots, Astronauts and Prime Ministers. 79% of parents of girls aged 5-16 are worried that their daughter will not follow their dreams because they’ve been discouraged or believe it is not for them. 61% of girls feel like they haven’t been taken seriously, with 31% saying that it was because it they are a girl.

In 2018, Barbie launched the Barbie Dream Gap Project after discovering research out of NYU that shows that starting at age five, many girls begin to develop self-limiting beliefs and think they’re not as intelligent and capable as boys. The Dream Gap for young girls still exists, but new research out of NYU shows the challenges don’t lie in girls lacking self-confidence or drive — the gaps often occur in the world around them.  

Even though progress has been made toward gender equality, stereotypes and societal biases still exist that can affect a girl’s trajectory and future choices. The Barbie Dream Gap Project is a global mission dedicated to closing the gap by challenging gender stereotypes and helping undo the biases that hold girls back from reaching their full potential. 

Kelly Philip, Senior Marketing Director Mattel UK says“Since 1959, Barbie has been designed to show girls they have choices. In a momentous year for Barbie, we are to working with incredible partners who can create real impact for girls strengthening our commitment to closing the Dream Gap.”

In efforts to combat barriers that limit girls, Barbie today announces two flagship partnerships that will connect girls with positive Role Models, empowering digital materials and in-person engaging workshops.

Activity will include:

  • International Day of the Girl mentoring at the WOW Girls Festival launch at the London Eye with Barbie’s 2023 Role Model Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock
  • Sponsoring The WOW Foundation’s 6-month WOW Girls Festival, where a specially created inclusive tour bus will visit locations across the UK and deliver Barbie empathy and friendship workshops alongside a host of other artist-designed activities led by girls
  • Role Model workshops with global partner Inspiring Girls, digital career content and Barbie brand ambassadors’ participation in Inspiring Girls ‘This Little Girl is Me’ campaign

Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock says“My life was forever altered when I fell in love with space as a child. I am incredibly proud to partner with Barbie enabling me to share my story with children across the world. I hope that they might imagine themselves in careers that can change our planet. Careers like space science, an area where women are unfortunately underrepresented. My hope is that future generations will achieve equality in this field and all others, it is too important to be left to the few.”

Jude Kelly CBE, Founder of the WOW Foundation says: “At WOW, we have been driving equality and real change for over a decade. Our work with Barbie allows us to expand our programme to younger people, giving them the tools to learn about inclusion, empathy, kindness and friendship that help build future skills and personal wellbeing.”

Miriam González Durántez, Founder and Chair of Inspiring Girls International says: “Our important research shows the need for visible women role models is greater than ever. At Inspiring Girls, we know how important it is to show girls a broad array of career possibilities and challenge stereotypes from an early age – which is why we are delighted to be working with Barbie to reach over 6000 girls globally through our Dream Gap school workshops. Together, we are creating a brighter, more equitable future for the girls of today who will become the leaders, innovators, and inspirations of tomorrow.” 

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