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Baby Shark and McDonald’s Hong Kong and collab for Greener Happy Meal campaign

Baby Shark and McDonald’s Hong Kong and collab for Greener Happy Meal campaign

The Pinkfong Company, the global entertainment company behind Baby Shark, will continue its successful partnership with McDonald’s Hong Kong and the global pop star Aaron Kwak for the third consecutive year to promote the importance of family reading experiences and raise awareness about environmental protection among the younger generation. The partnership includes the Happy Meal storybook series, the series of music videos with Aron Kwok, and the first-ever McDonald’s x Baby Shark Family Playland, aiming to inspire children and their families to adopt greener lifestyles through fun and engaging content and experiences.

The Happy Meal storybook series features six new books covering topics such as Picnic with the Earth, Little Stars Shine Again, Ocean Guardians, Lovely Department Store, Perfect Healthy Earth, and The Mission of Cookies. These Baby Shark-inspired books, designed to provide an engaging family reading experience, will help cultivate an awareness of sustainability among the next generation.

In addition to the Happy Meal storybook series, fans will be able to create unforgettable memories at McDonald’s and Baby Shark Family Playland in the atrium of Tuen Mun Town Plaza Phase 1 from Friday, May 17 until Sunday, May 31. The majority of the revenue generated from the Baby Shark Family Playland will be donated to The Ronald McDonald House Charities Hong Kong, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting children with chronic illnesses and their families. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Entering the third year of partnership with green ambassador Aaron Kwok and McDonald’s Hong Kong the series of special music videos aimed at inspiring the younger generation to adopt greener lifestyle will be released on Pinkfong’s YouTube channel and McDonald’s Hong Kong YouTube channel.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with McDonald’s Hong Kong and Green Ambassador Aaron Kwok for the third consecutive year,” said Gemma Joo, Chief Business Officer of The Pinkfong Company. “Through our joint efforts, we aim to make a lasting impact on kids and families by cultivating eco-friendly and healthy reading habits. By combining the power of our beloved Baby Shark with fun learning experiences, we are confident that we can make a positive impact on the next generation.”

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