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Asembl Bring Streets’ Childhood Favourites to Fragrance

Asembl Bring Streets’ Childhood Favourites to Fragrance

Brand extension agency Asembl has announced it has partnered Streets’ childhood favourites – Bubble O’Bill, Golden Gaytime, Rainbow Paddle Pop and Splice – together with Australia’s favourite home fragrance, candle and oil diffuser specialist, dusk for a dreamy creamy fragrance range. High-res images attached for media use 

Now online and launching on Thursday August 11 2022 in dusk stores across Australia, the range including candles, MoodMist fragrant oils, tealights and melts is the very first time these childhood favourites have been reimagined through fragrance.

Priced from $14,99 to $59.99, the range will be supported in dusk stores and online with branded point of sale and an extensive marketing campaign.  

“Scents are known to have a strong link to people’s memories, and what better way to bring back the memories of sunshine and summer than with our Streets x dusk range.  dusk have nailed a mouth-watering range that will have your tummy grumbling for more!,” said Streets Marketing Manager, Annie Lucchitti.

“We invite you to the creamiest, dreamiest summertime street party hosted by dusk and Streets.  Come and indulge in the launch of our exclusive fragrance collaboration inspired by the iconic childhood favourites – Bubble O ‘Bill, Golden Gaytime, Paddle Pop and Splice. dusk’s unparalleled home fragrance expertise has captured the very essence of hot summer days and delicious ice cream treats for all to enjoy,” said dusk General Manager Product & Marketing, Julia Utz. 

“Both Streets and dusk fans are in for a delicious treat with this dreamy creamy partnership.  Never before have Bubble O’Bill, Golden Gaytime, Rainbow Paddle Pop and Splice been available in a fragrance range, so we are very excited to be bringing those childhood nostalgic summer smells to light with dusk, “said Asembl Managing Director, Justin Watson.

The range includes an assorted 10 tealights pack, assorted 4 melts pack, two and three wick candles, as well as 50ml MoodMist fragrant oils.

Bubble O’Bill – cowboy hat tipped and ready to rumble, Bubble O’Bill was born to chill.  Follow Bill’s lead (he nose best) into a land bursting with berry bubble gum goodness, where juicy strawberries and ripe raspberries melt into a delicious explosion of fruity bubbles. 

Golden Gaytime – there’s only one way to spend a scorching, golden summer’s day.  One bite of Gaytime’s biscuity toffee exterior will send you into a nostalgic spiral, dreaming of whipped vanilla layered with caramel.  Unwrap this retro delight, let the good times roll.

Rainbow Paddle Pop – pastel swirls of childhood dreams twirl through the air, raining summer sun showers of sweet vanilla bean, strawberry, and caramel.  This iconic creamy delight is the ultimate pot of caramelly gold at the end of the paddle pop rainbow.

Splice – too cool for school, Splice is the ultimate summertime smooth operator.  Once you break through the crisp, cool pine lime shell, you’ll find a refreshingly sweet and comforting vanilla cream centre.  Splice up your life!

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