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Artist Matt Bailey Signs Reemsborko

Artist Matt Bailey Signs Reemsborko

Matt Bailey is an internationally reknowned artist with a serious fanbase and social media following. His work is always in demand on people’s bodies as both apparel and tattoos. He has worked with Mighty Jaxx on a collectible toy and also with the hip-hop artists Run The Jewels, designing a label for one of their beers. Matt Bailey just signed with Reemsborko exclusively for all territories and categories.

Max Arguile of Reemsborko commented: “Reemsborko constantly seeks the most interesting IP out there and I first heard about Matt when he was suggested for a screen print license for one of our anime properties. Unfortunately, the licensor felt it was a little too out-there for the brand. His style and content is often not for the faint-hearted and much of it is frankly NSFW but that still leaves a lot of really commercial imagery that are proven best-sellers and which is already in demand from the retailers that have seen it. Funnily enough, in a presentation to a licensee last week, merely the mention of his name was sufficient for them to exclaim, “Oh, I love Matt Bailey – if we sign this, please can he also tattoo me?””

Matt Bailey commented: “As my artwork has grown over the last few years, demand for my merchandise has overwhelmed my ability to keep up with it. The idea of licensees putting this into retail is very appealing. The fans won’t have to wait for items as they will be able to buy it locally and I won’t have the hassle of shipping and the stress of returns.”

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