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Embark on an underwater journey like no other as Anderson Entertainment proudly unveils “Stingray: Deadly Uprising,” a groundbreaking multi-platform saga that spans audio, novellas, comic strips and an electrifying live full-cast performance. Mark your calendars for July 13th, 2024, because the Symphony Hall, Birmingham will be the kick-off event for commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Stingray with a tale that promises to plunge fans into the heart of never-before-told adventures.

Stingray: Deadly Uprising brings to life a thrilling new chapter in the Stingray saga, told across diverse mediums, ensuring that every fan experiences the excitement in their preferred format. Whether it’s the resonating depths of audio storytelling, the vivid imagination sparked by novellas, the dynamic action of comic strips or the immersive magic of a live performance, Stingray: Deadly Uprising offers something for everyone. But the threat faced by the Stingray crew is unprecedented – a scale of danger that they’ve never faced before…

Witness the cunning Titan launch his most audacious plot yet against the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP), forging alliances with sinister undersea races and hijacking Marineville’s latest technological marvel. It’s up to Troy Tempest, along with the valiant Stingray crew, to thwart Titan’s nefarious plans, protect Marineville and prevent the conquest of the surface world.

Told as part of Anderson Entertainment’s newly expanded licence with ITV Studios, fans will rejoice in the return of beloved characters like Troy Tempest, Phones and Marina, while new foes emerge from the depths aligning with Titan in this gripping saga. Placed within the narrative of the original series timeline, this new story is an official part of the Stingray’s canon.

Jamie Anderson, Managing Director of Anderson Entertainment and writer of the Stingray: Deadly Uprising arc said: “Celebrating 60 years of Stingray is not just about looking back at the incredible legacy left by my father, Gerry Anderson, but also about pushing the boundaries of storytelling into new and exciting territories. With Stingray: Deadly Uprising, we’re honouring the past while boldly navigating the future of this beloved series. We’re incredibly grateful to ITV Studios for allowing us to tell this new epic story for Stingray fans worldwide. You can expect a thrilling journey across multiple platforms, and of course, we’ve got a few more surprises up our sleeve to ensure this anniversary is truly unforgettable.”

Each piece of the Stingray: Deadly Uprising puzzle is designed to interlock seamlessly, yet also standing strong as individual adventures, allowing for a tailored experience.

Andrew Clements, Range Producer, said on the ambition and scope of the anniversary project: “Working on the Stingray 60th Anniversary range has been an exhilarating challenge. We aimed to encapsulate the essence of the original series while expanding its horizons with new stories, characters and adventures that span live performances, novellas and comics. This project is a testament to the enduring appeal of Stingray and its ability to captivate imaginations, and we hope it will spark the same sense of wonder and excitement in today’s audiences as it did six decades ago.”

For those eager to immerse themselves in this aquatic adventure, the newly launched mini-site, Stingray: Deadly Uprising, is your gateway to all things related to this exciting narrative.

Make sure to visit for all your Stingray: Deadly Uprising merchandise and keep an eye on the mini-site for the latest updates on the 60th Anniversary celebrations.

Anderson Entertainment is thrilled to invite fans old and new to join in commemorating a legacy that has thrilled generations. Stingray: Deadly Uprising is an invitation to be part of an unforgettable adventure that spans six decades.

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