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University of Cambridge Announces ARTiSTORY as LBE Partner

University of Cambridge Announces ARTiSTORY as LBE Partner

Curating Cambridge (formerly Fitzwilliam Museum Enterprises) and art and cultural IP licensing and Location Based Event (LBE) specialists ARTiSTORY have agreed to develop University of Cambridge LBEs for China and South East Asia.

The first interactive exhibition will launch in China in Q3 2024 and explore the History of Science. Both the University Library and The Whipple Museum of History of Science will support the LBE with imagery and artefacts as well as their editorial expertise.

Content including imagery and accurate 3D models of important artefacts such as Darwin’s notebooks and microscope will be used to illustrate the narrative and bring authenticity to the LBE. Designed to captivate a broad audience, the LBE will be anchored by the University of Cambridge Museums and Botanic Gardens (UCM) brand. It will offer an immersive storytelling journey, featuring interactive exhibits, high quality reprints, and bespoke fixtures that deliver a distinctive visitor experience.

Typically spanning 10,000 to 15,000 square feet, these LBEs are designed for diverse commercial locales, including shopping centres and tourist spots, to attract and engage a wide array of visitors. Licensed merchandise will accompany the LBE and spin off ranges are anticipated that focus on key scientific discoveries and research associated with Cambridge such as Gravity, Evolution, DNA and Black Holes. “The partnership with ARTiSTORY is the result of months of collaboration to ensure that all stakeholders understood and supported the LBE concept,” commented Len Dunne, CEO Curating Cambridge. “We’re thrilled to have reached agreement with ARTiSTORY and look forward to bringing stories to life that relate to the University’s continued history of academic research and innovation, as well as its world class museum and library collections.” 

“We are thrilled to embark on a collaborative journey with Cambridge University, along with its distinguished museums and libraries. The wealth of treasured collections at Cambridge is nothing short of inspirational. Through the Cambridge-ARTiSTORY partnership, we are set to curate touring interactive exhibitions that will traverse China and beyond. These experiences are crafted to illuminate the profound historical and cultural treasures nestled within Cambridge”, added Han Jing, Co-founder of ARTiSTORY and Managing Partner of Shanghai Museum Box Ltd. 

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