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UNIS and Toikido bridge the gap between virtual gaming and physical play with thrilling new toy “Piñata Smashlings Crane”!

UNIS and Toikido bridge the gap between virtual gaming and physical play with thrilling new toy “Piñata Smashlings Crane”!

UNIS Technology Ltd., a leading manufacturer of amusement and arcade games, has joined forces with acclaimed London based toy and entertainment company, Toikido, to unveil Piñata Smashlings crane. This innovative collaboration brings the wildly popular Roblox game, Piñata Smashlings, to life in the physical world, offering fans a truly immersive experience.

Since its launch on Roblox, Piñata Smashlings has captivated over three million players worldwide with its vibrant and engaging gameplay. Now they can step into the enchanting Piñataverse and interact with their favorite Smashling and Bashling characters in real life like never before.

Piñata Smashlings popularity is thanks to its unique integration of virtual gaming and tangible play. The new crane and physical toy will further enhance fan engagement by bridging the gap between the physical and online world of the Piñataverse. Fans can now extend their gaming experience beyond the screen, bringing beloved characters like Dazzle Donkey and Mo Tiger into their homes with exclusive Piñata Smashlings plushies, available at UNIS’ online store.

“We are very excited to bring Pinata Smashlings to life with our new crane game,” says Steven Tan, General Manager at UNIS. “This collaboration with Toikido Ltd. marks a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and delivering unforgettable experiences to players worldwide. We can’t wait to showcase the Piñata Smashlings at the upcoming Amusement Expo show and share the magic of the Piñataverse with fans everywhere.”

Darran Garnham, Toikido’s Founder and CEO commented, “When Piñata Smashlings was first released we promised many exciting and fun filled plans for our first IP and our brilliant new crane game is just one example of this. I know that the Toikido team cannot wait to see the reaction of our many loyal Piñata Smashlings enthusiasts when they get a hold of it themselves. It has been a real pleasure to work with UNIS on making it a reality and I’m looking forward to playing it alongside other attendees at this year’s Amusement Expo.

Don’t miss the unveiling of the Piñata Smashlings crane at the Amusement Expo show later this month. Join us as we embark on an adventure into the whimsical world of Piñata Smashlings! The game will be available May 2024.

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