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Elf Labs Launches Today!

Elf Labs Launches Today!

Elf Labs, a cutting-edge transmedia company, launches today to pioneer immersive storytelling and IP distribution. Combining dynamic storylines featuring iconic characters reimagined, state-of-the-art compression, and AI-powered production and distribution technology, Elf Labs is set to transform the media industry with high-growth franchises targeting all
demographics—toddlers to teens and YA to adults.

To support these efforts, Elf Labs has secured top-tier talent and strategic partners, including Dreamworks alumnus Mike De Seve, branding industry titan Bernt Ullmann, and leading global technology company Cosmic Wire.

Elf Labs has amassed a portfolio of 400 copyrights and over 140 trademarks for the most beloved
characters in history. Classic and reimagined renditions of Snow White, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty,
Peter Pan, Pinocchio, and more are part of the Elf Labs IP portfolio. This allows the company and its
partners to monetize these brands through global consumer product licensing, including books, apparel,
and more. Elf Labs achieved this feat by strategically acquiring the Junior Elf book catalog, comprising
200+ titles featuring the world’s most timeless characters originally published by Rand McNally. The
company successfully registered character trademarks at the United States Patent and Trademark Office
for over a decade.
“Elf Labs’ platform is a multi-patented system designed to incubate, develop, and launch mega IP
franchises,” said David Phillips, CEO of Elf Labs. “Combining the world’s most iconic IP with captivating
creative and revolutionary technology will allow Elf Labs to truly reimagine entertainment.”
Phillips assembled the foremost production, marketing, and technology experts to help monetize these
reimagined iconic characters for modern consumers. Elf Labs’ content partners hold 31 Emmys and
credits, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Madagascar, and Shrek. Before launch, Elf Labs quietly
wrote and seeded the “Once Upon a Zombie” series featuring Zombie Cinderella®, Zombie Rapunzel®,
Zombie Tinker Bell®, Zombie Peter Pan®, and more. Although in stealth mode, the first release sold
100,000 copies and won 12 awards, including Best YA Fiction (The Purple Dragonfly Award)and Best
Juvenile Fiction (The President’s Award).

“A creative production is only as good as its storyline, and the all-star roster of characters that Elf Labs
secured has provided my team with an incredible jumping-off point,” said Mike De Seve, founder of Baboon Animation, a globally-renowned animation and screenwriting collective. “I am excited to partner
with David and the team to bring innovative content to life across many mediums.”

Beyond its groundbreaking character development and world-building, Elf Labs offers an integrated
approach to IP distribution with the help of its technology partner, Cosmic Wire. Combining
state-of-the-art technology and next-generation content production, the partnership allows the two
media companies to bridge the physical and digital realms, creating mesmerizing spatial worlds where
audiences interact with beloved characters through seamless AR/VR experiences accessible on any
device with an internet connection. Cosmic Wire also has an integrated marketing engine to democratize
its characters and stories across millions of channels.

“Cosmic Wire’s technology allows for a whole new level of immersion into IP, unlike anything that has
existed before,” said Jerad Finck, CEO/Founder of Cosmic Wire. “Elf Labs’ willingness to push the
boundaries creatively and experientially makes them the perfect partner for us to co-create a
groundbreaking transmedia storytelling experience.”

Elf Labs’ go-to-market strategy includes web series video content, AI-powered toys, animated and
live-action feature movies, and seamlessly accessible augmented reality experiences. The company’s
latest original series, RoboStarsTM, presents a new type of hero that artfully utilizes robots like Robo
Cinderella and Robo Pinocchio as a metaphor for free will, inspiring kids with the power to reject robotic
reactions to internal and external challenges because we all possess the power to create proactive,
positive change. Guided by Ullmann’s decades of experience helping today’s most visionary celebrity
business leaders build their brands, Elf Labs plans to execute licensing deals around its expanded
character offerings to drive massive merchandise revenue.
“I have coordinated thousands of licensing deals and have never been as excited as I am to join the Elf
Labs team due to the enormous growth potential for its IP,” says Bernt Ullmann, Head of Licensing. “With
access to some of the most monetizable character brands in history, the possibilities are endless.”
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