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Tommy Hilfiger’s Mobile Fashion Game Launch

Tommy Hilfiger’s Mobile Fashion Game Launch

FashionVerse, an interactive fashion game for mobile platforms from Hilfiger Ventures, a private investment vehicle co-founded by Mr. Tommy Hilfiger, game publisher Tilting Point and developer Brandible, is now available for download via iOS and Android devices and to Netflix’s 247 million members through the Netflix mobile app. 

FashionVerse originated as a creative idea from Hilfiger himself, who wanted to scale fashion through an immersive, community-based game that capitalizes on the most current technology. The game features Brandible’s proprietary game engine and AI model which creates photorealistic avatars, settings and props, to provide a stunning virtual experience where everyone is a creator.

In FashionVerse, players take on design challenges to create perfectly curated fashion sets in Stylist mode or mood boards in Trendsetter mode, each of which other players vote upon. Players can share their creations, vote on other stylists’ scenes, comment on favorite looks, win rewards and unlock new clothing styles, all while discovering the latest trends from real-world fashion brands. Utilizing the latest AI technology, FashionVerse brings players’ creative styling to life with a photorealistic set of 3D virtual spaces and a diverse cast of models. Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of FashionVerse, which features models across a wide range of size diversity, ethnicities and abilities. 

FashionVerse will feature an ongoing series of virtual event “Pop-Ups” in collaboration with major fashion, entertainment, art and beauty brands to be announced in the weeks following launch, allowing players to interact with the current fashion universe through their own unique lens as they virtually style their models and set designs. Pop-Ups will feature dedicated challenges focused on participating brands’ campaign themes, garments from their latest collections, and special rewards for players who complete all of the branded challenges. Pop-Ups will also feature digital exclusives from celebrated artists and musicians, merging the worlds of fashion, music and popular culture in one game. 

Tilting Point’s extensive portfolio has been bolstered by substantial IP integrations across multiple platforms including mobile, console, PC, subscription services and more. Tilting Point continues to expand to new ventures, bringing popular brands to fans in new and engaging ways, while growing each game’s global audience and financial success. 

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