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The Ultimate Influencer

The Ultimate Influencer

Unless you’ve been hiding under the proverbial rock you may have noticed that once again, Taylor Swift has been dominating the global news. From her multi-billion-dollar sell-out Eras tour, to a much-publicized relationship with NFL player Travis Kelce, to the recent surprise drop of her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, the stratospheric rise in popularity, and influence, of Ms Swift is clear for all to see. 

When she wears a brand’s clothing, most often the seller will see an enormous surge in sales – as happened to business Little Lies, which hit its months sales in one day after Taylor Swift was seen wearing one of its dresses. Fans who spot an item of clothing or accessory donned by the star will often flood the Instagram or website pages of a business with enquiries about the item and dramatically increase profits. 

Similarly, known for her poetic and sometimes cryptic lyrics in her songs, when Taylor Swift mentions a place name, devotees, or ‘Swifties’ as they are known, will flock to the place. Take the Black Dog Pub in London, for example – namechecked in the song Black Dog, the pub is now seeing international levels of recognition with fans flooring to the watering hole. 

In fact, Taylor Swift seems to have been influencing all areas of popular culture, politics, music and more. Political eagle eyes believe that the US election could turn on a knife point, if the singer publicly backs a particular candidate for president. 

Forming strong political and economic leverage has led to Taylor Swift becoming a prominent figure in global influence. Constantly on lists of the most 100 influential people on the planet, she is also seen by many as a grounded, ‘girl-next-door’, and it is often her relatability that leads to her influence. From her early days of stardom, when she would pepper her songs with lyrics about ex-boyfriends (such as Harry Styles), the ups and downs of her much-publicised love life have been well-documented, and this resonates with millions around the globe. Dozens of universities offer courses on the effect of her influence, including Harvard, and she is credited with re-shaping country music for the 21st century, as well as being noted for high CD and vinyl sales in an era where these have been declining for other artists. 

Referred to as a ‘one-woman powerhouse’ by some business institutions, she is known for strong business acumen as well as her philanthropy. The impact of her career has been named ‘Swiftonomics”, and she is regarded by many as a feminist icon. According to Time’s Sam Lansky, the “real Taylor Swift effect is psychological. It has influenced people, especially women who have been “conditioned to accept dismissal, gaslighting, and mistreatment from a society that treats their emotions as inconsequential.”

Hosting the Eras tour had hugely positive consequences for many cities. Swift’s visit to Tokyo was expected to pull $228 million into the Japanese economy.

The NFL has also benefited, as Taylor Swift is in a relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Travis Kelce and the fact that she has been photographed frequently at games has been credited with increasing the sport’s female fanbase. 

Conversely, a hidden message seemingly about a long-standing feud with Kim Kardashian saw the reality star’s followers drop by well over 100,000 overnight. Loyal ‘Tay Tay’ fans never forget that Kardashian’s then—husband Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech at the VMAs, kicking off years of rumours of hostility and very real name-dropping in song lyrics.

Of course, Taylor Swift is not the first artist to have incredible resonance and influence around the globe, but her fandom, stardom, and the vast consumption of social media around the world have lead to a perfect mix. 

Fan of her music or not, there is simply no denying the impact that Taylor Swift has in being the ultimate influence – a carefully carved career, image and business decisions mean that everything she touches seems to turn to gold. 

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