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The Smurfs Are Coming Back to MENA Through Spacetoon TV Channel, Branded On-ground Activities, and Toys

The Smurfs Are Coming Back to MENA Through Spacetoon TV Channel, Branded On-ground Activities, and Toys

Spacetoon, the family edutainment content provider, producer, and broadcaster, has recently partnered with IMPS to bring The Smurfs to MENA through Spacetoon TV channel, entertaining on-ground branded events, and new toys.

Based on this partnership, the two parties are to work on re-introducing the show to young audience in MENA, by broadcasting the localized, Arabic dubbed version of The Smurfs in 3DCG animation style, in addition to recreating the “good old days” for those who grew up watching it in 2D, years ago.

Audience from almost all ages will be able to enjoy the adventures of Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, and Clumsy, along with all other inhabitants of The Smurfs Village in Arabic language. This step comes as part of Spacetoon’s strategy to run the most loved kids and family friendly content.

Commenting on this partnership, Kamel Weiss, the Strategic Business Development Director of Spacetoon, said: “The Smurfs is a multigenerational title that has been resonating with audience for 40 years now, and we are proud to have it back in MENA as a TV show and also as branded events.” Adding: “we are aiming to pull all family members together to live various entertaining experiences that suit all ages, and present values to kids and parents at the same time.”

“This new distribution deal will contribute to introduce a new generation of kids in MENA to the legacy of the Smurfs. I know there are many amazing Smurfs fans there, and it makes me so happy to know that parents and kids will continue to enjoy The Smurfs together, watching their new adventures on Spacetoon TV!”, said Véronique Culliford, President of IMPS, and the daughter of Peyo, the creator of the Smurfs.

Spacetoon also has plans to expand the presence of The Smurfs in MENA through various on-ground entertaining activities that suit all family members, as it is now the promotional licensee of the brand in the region.

The deal also includes bringing new The Smurfs toys to MENA market, in collaboration with ToyPro, the leading toy distributer in the region. The toys include action figures for The Smurfs characters, in addition to toys for all family members to enjoy.

Commenting on this, Fawaz Abidin, the Managing Director of ToyPro, said:We are very excited to bring The Smurfs toys to the region to deliver a full family-entertaining experience with our media partner Spacetoon TV. The Smurfs figures reflecting their distinctive personalities, the different playsets, vehicles and plush toys all will hit the shelves in the MENA market next year”.

Critically acclaimed, the 3DCG version of The Smurfs has marked the return of the franchise to TV screens 40 years after its first run, and fans all over the world celebrated the show for the new stories it showcased, and for adding new characters, such as Willow, the female Smurf that leads a tribe of Smurf girls, meaning that Smurfette won’t have to be alone anymore.

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