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Teaser for JG and the BC Kids

Teaser for JG and the BC Kids

With a fascinating sneak peek into the heart-warming story of a young black boy and his magical dreadlock mentor, the teaser of upcoming 2D animation feature JG and the BC Kids is creating a huge buzz among fans and netizens. Actor Will Smith shared the teaser of the movie on his social media platform yesterday. JG and the BC Kids is conceptualized by renowned American actress and Smith’s former co-star Janet Hubert. The feature is being co-produced by global animation major Toonz Media Group, Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment and Janet’s Elijah Rock Productions.

Written by Janet Hubert and Yvette Kaplan, the movie has a star-studded cast and crew with Emmy Award-winning composer Wendell Hanes helming the music. Actors Raven Goodwin, Cheryl Alexander, Ezra Knight, Jasmine Hanes, Blaze Berdahl, Ahmad Maksoud and Joey Taranto lend voice to the main characters while Hubert herself voices the narrator and several other characters. Hubert is an established voice actress who has voiced many commercials including the voice of BAYER. The movie is directed by Ron Myrick, Indra Narayan Datta and Antony Leo. Click here to watch the teaser.

 JG and the BC Kids was born out of the compelling need to create a children’s animation property that broke stereotypes and represented characters from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The movie features two black central characters – a schoolboy and a young science whiz who is trapped inside a fractal world. Herself an African American mom, Daytime Digital Emmy nominated Hubert says when her son was born, she struggled to find toys, accessories and even story narratives that he could relate to. In a world where her son’s identity was starkly under-represented, Hubert wanted to create something to inspire him, and millions of other kids like him.

It is time for change and I decided to be and make the change that I seek. I am so proud of this production and our grassroots team who joined me on this journey of creating JG and the BC Kids,” said Janet Hubert.

This is a project that really resonates with the times that we live in. For the Toonz team, we feel extremely honoured and proud to be part of this path-breaking feature film. I am very happy with how the movie is shaping up. Kudos to Janet and the entire team. I am sure that JG and the BC Kids will create a lot of excitement among the audience as well as in the industry,” said Toonz Media Group CEO P. Jayakumar.

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