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“Talk to Pocoyo” is the new skill that is added to the catalog of preschool content offered by Amazon Kids, an Alexa service aimed at the little ones, through Alexa. Children will be able to interact and talk with their favorite character and discover, through play, multiple aspects of music, colors, the world of animals… In this way, Pocoyo will be present on Amazon Kids on Alexa, along with other skills oriented, among others, to learning and practicing languages ​​or music.

Alexa users in Spain can access Amazon Kids for free through their Echo and Echo Show devices in a safe, fun and adapted environment for children between 3 and 12 years old. And among the many features it offers are educational and entertainment skills, such as “Talk to Pocoyo”, as well as playlists designed for children to play and learn with Alexa.

For the peace of mind of parents, there are many other new features that Amazon Kids incorporates in Alexa, such as the parental control panel, daily time limits, children’s profile, voice purchase blocking, explicit content filter, numerous educational content , as well as voice and video calls with parent-approved contacts. The little ones will receive answers appropriate to their age in tone and content. To start the Amazon Kids experience on Alexa, parents must create and approve a child’s profile through the Alexa App. It is also possible to create a Voice ID on devices with a screen and the experience can be activated on one or more Echo devices in the home, as well as use the child’s profile on a shared device or dedicate one for exclusive use of the child.

The little ones can now safely use Alexa and connected devices, and learn, play and interact with characters like Pocoyo.

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