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Sweets Café Launches in US

Sweets Café Launches in US

Driver Studios (U.S.) and Ananey Studios (Israel) have joined forces to create a new pre-school series, Sweets Café, which debuted on Nick Jr. via Israeli broadcaster HOT in Israel in August and is launching today in the US on the Cool School YouTube channel.

Sweets Café playfully re-tells well known fairy tales by sprinkling a modern twist on each story to turn it into a delicious and relevant treat. The magical 10-episode series combines live action and animation. The series is produced simultaneously in the U.S. by Driver Studios and in Israel by Ananey Studios and uses parallel casts of local well-known stars in each country.

Sweets Café revolves around Sweets, an energetic animated monkey-chef who owns a lively café full of interesting customers – a combination of real actors and cartoon characters.  In each episode, Rosie – a sweet girl visits the Café to taste some of Sweet’s delicacies and listens to his surprisingly hilarious versions of her favorite fairy tales.

Sweets presents progressive versions of well-known fairy tales, while adapting their content and messages to fit 21st century values and current, modern lifestyles.

Rob Kurtz, Head of Creative at Driver Studios, says “Our partnership with the team at Ananey on “Sweets Cafe” has truly been an outstanding experience, their enthusiasm and creative talents have been amazing and have helped us bring to life fun and original twists to classic stories that we know kids will love! We hope this is the beginning of many great co-productions together!”

Ananey’s VP of Content Shirley Oran says “We have been lucky to share our vision with such great partners like Driver Studios. Creating this delicious show has been a fascinating journey. We are proud of this innovative collaboration and excited to expand our reach by showcasing our content on Cool School’s wonderful YouTube channel.”

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