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Surge Licensing Brings Spy Ninjas to Roblox with Shaggy Doge

Surge Licensing Brings Spy Ninjas to Roblox with Shaggy Doge

Spy Ninjas is coming to the Roblox metaverse this May,. Surge Licensing, the exclusive licensing agent appointed to grow the Spy Ninjas brand, has concluded an agreement with Roblox developer Shaggy Doge, founded by toy industry veteran Shawn McCarthy.

In each episode of the action-packed YouTube serial drama, Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, and their Spy Ninjas team, set out to save the world from the evil hacking group, Project Zorgo™, through detective work and martial arts.  The new, and as yet untitled Roblox game, will be an organic extension of the Spy Ninjas world, in which a new Project Zorgo splinter cell threatens Roblox with their nefarious ways.  Chad, Vy, and the Spy Ninjas must jump into the Roblox metaverse, and with the help of their fans/fellow Spy Ninjas, save Roblox! The game launch will be supported by the Spy Ninjas YouTube channels, including their gaming-focused channel that routinely airs #1 trending gaming videos on the YouTube platform.  Through YouTube, Chad and Vy will prompt gamers to join them on Roblox to help them solve riddles, spot clues, do detective work, as well as battle Project Zorgo. 

“We already like to think of our content like a video game that our audience plays in real time, so expanding into the Roblox environment, which lends the opportunity for interactive play, and where we know our fans already live, is a natural next step,” commented Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint. “We are excited to soon be able to seamlessly integrate the stories between the YouTube and Roblox platforms, where Spy Ninjas gamers will participate in a hyper-focused and participatory experience.”  

“Our fans are already on Roblox, which entertains 150 million monthly gamers, making it an ideal platform for us to extend the Spy Ninjas experience.  Our fans are there so we will be bringing the experience they’re craving directly to them,” added Surge VP, Elan Freedman.  “We are thrilled to be working with Shaggy Doge to bring this new game to our fans to further engage with the characters and stories they love. It’s an exciting new development, adding to our successful 2020 toy launch from Playmates Toys and the opening of our global store by Event Merchandising.”

The new agreement comes on the heels of a successful 2020 for the brand.  Currently, Spy Ninjas launches seven new episodes weekly that draw an astounding one million views within the first hour of an episode going live; and boasts more than 400 million monthly views with over 37 million subscribers. In March, Spy Ninjas garnered 56 million hours of watch time – that’s 3.36 billion minutes!

Playmates Toys launched the master toy program in October 2021 at, and  Brick and mortar retailers are starting to sell the line this year, with Target already carrying the line.  The first wave of the toy rollout features spy gadgets that include secret electronic spy ninja gear, decoders, ninja weapons, a new Project Zorgo™ mask and spy activity kits from the series.  Event Merchandising launched the official Spy Ninjas eCommerce global store in December,  Additionally,  Spy Ninjas episodes air on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Roku through partners Janson Media and Futures Toda. 

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