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Super Impulse Rocks ‘n Rolls Out the All-New PET ROCK!

Super Impulse Rocks ‘n Rolls Out the All-New PET ROCK!

Super Impulse has announced its exclusive rights to one of the most iconic novelty items of the 20th Century. The “Official” Pet Rock is back and makes its return to store shelves near you!

Originally released in 1975, Pet Rock was an instant success as a hilarious and low cost, low maintenance “pet” – obedient, clean, quiet, and not likely to run away or spoil your carpet. Now 50 years later, Pet Rock is back, “boulder” than ever, and incredibly, doesn’t look a day older!

The smooth, gentle-but-hard, no-two-alike rocks include a cozy shredded paper nest, and a care and training manual packed in a convenient carry crate. New for the 2020s is a pet customization kit with two sizes of googly eyes and rainbow fuzzy “fur”. Pet Rock is the ideal house pet that you never have to feed, walk, bathe, groom, or clean up after. It’s also the ideal backyard pet, garden pet, apartment pet, dorm room pet, travel pet and emotional support pet.  

Fresh from a surprise cameo appearance in Illumination/Universal’s billion dollar mega-hit feature Minions: The Rise of Gru, Pet Rock is ready to rumble as the comeback rock star for a whole new generation of young and old fans alike!

“Pet Rock was a hit in the ’70s and has become a marketing legend. For the past 50+ years, Pet Rock has been laying low, spending its time in riverbeds and landscaping – hiding in plain sight. Super Impulse, through delicate negotiation and persistent coaxing, is bringing this shy, but lovable icon back to delight all of those who need a friend”, according to Super Impulse co-founder Alan Dorfman.

Gentile Entertainment Group and Rosebud Mgt. LLC, Pet Rock’s owners and adoptive parents, couldn’t be happier that our Pet Rocks have found a loving home at Super Impulse.

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