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Spotlight Appointed to Expand Licensed Merchandise Range for Ronnie Anderson Jr.’s Fairytale Book Series Starring Characters of Color

<em>Spotlight Appointed to Expand Licensed Merchandise Range for</em> <em>Ronnie Anderson Jr.’s Fairytale Book Series Starring Characters of Color</em>

For Ronnie Anderson Jr., sharing his Anboran™ fairy tales with the world has been a magical, heroic journey.

It is a journey that began when Anderson, a laboratory scientist, realized he could not find new, original, fairy tales featuring people of color to read to his three young daughters… so he decided to invent his own.

Anderson’s Anboran books – starting with his self-published Five Amazing Fairytales anthology featuring positive portrayals of characters of color in original fairy tales designed to appeal to children like his own – proved to be a hit not only with his own daughters but also with other African American families as well as schools, libraries, and manufacturers such as trend-savvy apparel giant Mad Engine Global.

“Representation in stories and product is obviously important to me; that’s what drove me to create Anboran in the first place,” says Anderson. “So I was thrilled when Mad Engine approached me about making Anboran products that children of color would be able to wear with pride and joy and a sense of belonging.”

With six beautifully illustrated Anboran storybooks already in print and Mad Engine Global’s line of Anboran clothing and accessories now available from retailers including Walmart, Target, Sears, Amazon, Hot Topic, and Box Lunch, Spotlight Licensing – the agency appointed by Anderson to manage the Anboran licensing program – believes now is the right time to help expand the Anboran brand even further with the right licensing partners.

“We know manufacturers and retailers are looking for ways to meet the growing demand for products with strong appeal for African-American consumers and what Ronnie is creating with Anboran makes it the perfect property for filling that unmet need,” says Spotlight Licensing President Carole Postal. “Spotlight’s job will be to find partners who are committed to increased diversity and representation and love Anboran just as much as we do.”

As global agent for the property, Spotlight is looking forward to talking to interested publishers, potential licensing partners, and sub-agents around the world. Spotlight is actively seeking licensees for Anboran dolls, toys, costumes, games, puzzles, stationery, greeting cards, and digital apps as well as arts & crafts, room décor, and more.

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