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Schneider and Brand Energy Partner Up

Schneider and Brand Energy Partner Up

Schneider Consumer Group has chosen Brand Energy to help it grow its famous consumer electronics and home appliance brand, Schneider, in North America, Asia and Africa. Created in 1934, Schneider plans to build on its established reputation of well-designed and reliable consumer products to continue its global expansion. Brand Energy will be in charge of recruiting regional partners to design, source, promote and market Schneider branded goods under license, including kitchen appliances, televisions, audio, computer, tablet, mobile and fixed phone equipment and accessories. 

Schneider Consumer Group is a global company with its headquarters in Paris, France. Its portfolio of brands is composed of prestigious consumer electronics and household appliance brands such as Scholtès, Radiola, Millenium, Thomson (under license), and of course Schneider. SCHNEIDER was created by the Schneider Brothers in the 1930’s to become a major player in the European TV and Radio market. In 1970, PHILIPS took over the company, driving the SCHNEIDER brand into new international markets with an extended product offer in consumer electronics. In 2015, SCHNEIDER took its independence from PHILIPS to become Schneider Consumer Group. 

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