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Rights & Brands Named Master Agent for the Children’s Book Series Vera & Ville

Rights & Brands Named Master Agent for the Children’s Book Series Vera & Ville

Rights & Brands announces its appointment as the master agent for the beloved children’s book series Vera & Ville, handling publishing and licensing rights worldwide.

Targeted at children aged 0-3 years old, the Vera & Ville series captivates young minds with heartwarming tales of friendship, simplicity, and everyday adventures. Authored by Katarina Ekstedt and brought to life through illustrations of Lovisa Blomberg, these stories uniquely center on the experiences of Vera, a spirited young girl with dark hair and freckles, and her best friend Ville, a kind, calm, and careful boy.

Vera, an energetic three-year-old, exudes mischief and sportiness while residing in a suburban home adjacent to Ville’s high-rise abode. Ville, known for his kindness and love for music, finds solace in Vera’s companionship, overcoming his occasional fears with her support.

With 15 titles published in less than 5 years, Vera & Ville has emerged as one of Sweden’s most beloved children’s book series, with over 200,000 copies sold. The series is growing with more books and continues to expand its offerings with plans for audiobooks, coloring books, games, mobile apps, music, and more.

“We are thrilled to represent Vera & Ville and bring their stories to a wider audience and create products based on these wonderful books,” says Anna Svenman, Retail & Sales Manager at Rights & Brands. “The universal themes of friendship and discovery resonate deeply with young readers and parents alike, making Vera & Ville a great addition to any child’s library.”

“I really look forward to working with Rights & Brands and bringing the Vera & Ville stories to new heights with a licensing program and ensuring they reach more young hearts around the globe.” Says Katarina Ekstedt, author of Vera & Ville.

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