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RHS Underscores Commitment to Sustainable Lifestyles

RHS Underscores Commitment to Sustainable Lifestyles

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has announced its endorsement of VegTrug, a global leader in raised beds and products designed to help everyone enjoy a grow-your-own lifestyle.

The endorsement covers most of the wide range of VegTrug products, with specific emphasis on the core item: the classic VegTrug, a planter that allows people to easily grow their own fruit, herbs and, of course, vegetables in the smallest spaces. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the raised and unique V-shape of the VegTrug simultaneously allows for shallow and deep growth, a posture-saving working height and easy wheelchair access.

This endorsement also includes the new, very durable VegTub corrugated steel planter, as well as wooden barrels, rectangle planters and the Raised Bed Grow Kit. There will also be smaller versions of the VegTrug for children. All planter products come supplied with liners. The Raised Bed Grow Kit is supplied with a greenhouse frame and cover.

Already a massive seller both online and at garden centres in many countries, this extensive range will now include labelling that offers an ‘Endorsed by the RHS’ logo as well as RHS-supported point of sale material.

This is a significant endorsement for both partners, aligning VegTrug with a world-famous gardening charity. In turn it brings the RHS together with a sustainable lifestyle brand focused on bringing grow-your-own to everyone.

This is important. VegTrug is much more than a successful gardening products company. Like the RHS, its support for home growing is also a strong statement in favour of sustainability at a time when produce can be transported thousands of miles, often after freezing and in environmentally damaging packaging, with all that implies for carbon footprints and the environment.

With VegTrug your food’s journey is known to you; the mileage from plant to plate could be no further than from your balcony to your dining room.

In addition home growing is good for you! The physical and mental benefits of growing are a strong part of an RHS message that aims to inspire and connect people with plants, empowering them to grow in any way they choose.

VegTrug was founded in late 2009, a year after the original VegTrug planter was developed. The VegTrug has since gone on to become a design icon and one of the most successful and recognisable garden product brands in the world, with partners offering its range in most territories and an especially strong presence in the UK, Japan, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe.

VegTrug has been wholly owned by Japanese garden and exterior products group Takasho since 2012 but is still operated by its original founders with a small, tight-knit team.

Paul Owen, co-founder and Managing Director of VegTrug, says: “As a sustainable lifestyle brand focused on bringing grow-your-own to everyone we are delighted to be working with the RHS. This endorsement from the UK’s favourite gardening charity will be a wonderful inspiration for many people to start the New Year by enjoying the undoubted benefits of home growing.”

Cathy Snow, Licensing Manager, RHS, says: “Sustainable growing and living well have been a strong part of the RHS message for many years and working alongside a leading, well-established name in designing and manufacturing high-quality grow-your-own products is a marvellous way to promote that message. We are delighted to be endorsing this impressive range and to be working with VegTrug to support the grow-your-own philosophy.”

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