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Pucca Receives Gold Play Button

Pucca Receives Gold Play Button

Pucca, the iconic animated character created by South Korean company Vooz for which DeAPlaneta Entertainment is licensing agent and distributor in Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMEA), recently received its first YouTube Gold Play Button after the official account in Spanish hit the one million subscriber markPucca had previously received two Silver Play Buttons after reaching 100K subscribers on its YouTube channels in English and Spanish, also created and managed by DeAPlaneta Entertainment’s Kids & Family Division.


The sassy, funny and adorable girl, who has been an unprecedented global phenomenon for the last fifteen years, continues to take the world by storm: Pucca’s videos have more than 700 million streams on YouTube, Pucca has reached 2.5 million followers on social media, and has ranked number one for six years in a row on the list of globally popular South Korean animated characters, according to a survey (“Overseas Korean Wave Survey”) carried out in 2021 by the South Korean Ministry for Culture, Sport and Tourism.

In addition to her hit YouTube channel, Pucca has also seen the launch of her new mobile game, Pucca Puzzle Adventure, developed by Takeone Company and released globally on January 26. Available to download in Spain via Google Play and App StorePucca Puzzle Adventureis a colourful game featuring adorable graphics where Pucca embarks on an exciting adventure to defeat evil boss ‘Dong King.’ In this puzzle RPG game, players level up by solving a combination of three puzzles and can upgrade and customize their characters, use their skills and collect different objects to decorate their villages. The game also features a collaboration with South Korean boy band Treasure, and users will be able to use their cartoon avatars as characters in the game.

In addition to this latest success, YouTube had previously granted other awards to DeAPlaneta Kids and Family, which currently manages more than 40 channels for the brands they own or distribute. The Gold Play Button for Pucca’s official channel in Spanish is one of the three Gold Play Button awards picked up by DeAPlaneta Kids & Family, alongside accolades for Bernard Bear’s channels in Spanish (4.11 million subscribers) and Russian (1.94 million). The company also has 11 Silver Play Buttons (and counting) for channels that have reached 100.000 subscribers, including channels in Spanish for HeidiMaya The BeeGormitiTeo, Planeta Junior TV and BRB, in addition to the aforementioned Pucca channels in Spanish and English. Overall, in 2022, channels managed by DeAPlaneta Entertainment racked up a total 470 million views and have a combined total 10 million subscribers. This data confirms DeAPlaneta’s firm commitment to AVOD and FAST channels, consolidating its effort and positioning on the platform that launched this phenomenon: YouTube. DeAPlaneta Entertainment embraced a ground-breaking approach in Spain by introducing the FAST/AVOD model in its distribution strategy, via Samsung TV Plus, Pluto TV and Rakuten TV.

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